• Prachi Daga


The air was thick with loud, jazzy music, the kind that’s too enthusiastic for almost everybody in it, but people seem to pretend to enjoy well. It’s a natural gift most of us now are born with; you have to fit in after all, even if you don’t like it, sway. If it’s too edgy to sway to, shake your head side to side with your hands fisted, bent at the elbows facing upwards accompanying the head.

Yes, like that, just a little faster.

Moving on, the night was beautiful though, especially from where I stood. The backyard was the opposite of the mess that was inside, in every way. My strapped feet were being tortured, and so I listened to them and relieved them of their misery, placing my borrowed pair of heels aside very carefully.

After which my feet touched the wet grass, I can’t describe how pleasant it felt, it was freshly watered. I later stretched my body…

To the stars?

How I wish, but I could only till where my little toes could lift me. Chilly breeze ran its bony fingers across my thighs and gripped my lanky arms, making me shiver at its hold.

You are quite the actress, love.

Just then something magical occurred; a breeze caught hold of my hands and led me through dance.

Yes! Dance like a prince does with a princess; you know of swaying now, right? You’re doing it perfectly; will you teach me?

Then the wind picks up and turns me around. Round and round, the flare of my dress twirls to the music of the moon whispering to the stars, nature’s music touches the soul, makes even special a person who can’t ever hear, dance.

You do not know what a soul is? Well, the soul is us, in physical bodies. It’s wondrous... isn’t it? Just like the night, you say? Indeed.

The twilight sky glowed with diamonds embedded in them; it sparkled just like your eyes when you smile. The cold seeped through my sweaty dress, ecstatic as I was with the most amazing dance I had, I knew it wouldn’t last long, and so I lived every moment of it, danced till my feet hurt and then lay on the dewy yet warm ground gazing at the mysteries beyond this world, beyond us.

Come, lie down, let me tuck you in.

Grass tickled my ears and pricked my arms, and I enjoyed that too! It all comes as a package. My sweet angel is ticklish too, isn’t she? Then I fell asleep, under the blanket of stars.

‘She’s asleep.’

'Yes, right.'

‘That was a beautiful story, honey.'

'Was it? Thank you... I hope she learns that she's equally special like the other kids even though she can’t say it aloud or say at all... she must learn to love and celebrate her greatness beyond that. I am afraid I don’t have much time either… to teach. Sadness enveloped the parents in an unwanted hug.

Moonlight flickered through the window across her bed, as the girl slipped further into her dreams. The mother kissed her dainty head hard and whispered. ‘We choose our happiness, love, always. Remember that.’

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