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Is reading an ultimate hobby of yours? Or are you an interim reader who would like to take out more time for it?

Reading is the second ultimate hobby of mine after dancing, and there have been a lot of days where I have skipped sleep, food or other activities just to complete “one more page”.

Oh, also, I don’t advise it, it is unhealthy and I don’t do it anymore (mostly).

As I grew older, school happened: time constraints, money, and space limitation.

After that phase came the smartphone, where I could download any kind of app I wanted on my phone.

Man, learning how to use Google Play felt like such an achievement!

I outgrew silly games, and collage apps before landing on e-books and e-newspapers. That’s growth right there.

I must have downloaded at least fifteen apps, to find my right ones (no, I am not picky, okay maybe just a little).

But it was one of the most frustrating processes because of so many reasons: advertisements, fake-free books, not to mention click-baits, and poor collection.

But, thank God for patience and persistence that got me so far.

Here are my top threes:


I can’t talk enough about this app, because it was like finding a needle in a haystack. It has everything I was looking for!

A little storytime, after a few months of using it, my phone ran out of space and I had to take it out in the hopes of downloading it later.

As luck would have it, they took the app off Google Play during that time, much to my disappointment.

But, then…they put it back up after a few months and now I am paranoid about taking it out again. End of story.

Edit: 'Anybooks' is not free anymore but a subscription fee of Rs. 999 for lifetime access is an extremely reasonable price for the collection and features offered.

Rating: 5/5

How it functions:

It is free, obviously.

You download it from Google Play (alone, I suppose).

Get yourself registered or not, that’s fine.

Browse from over 1,000,000+ books, either from recommended ones or through the search bar.

They do ask you to choose your genres from plentiful options so as to curate the recommended section to your preference.

Tap on the book of liking, select read and it downloads to the library. It is as simple as that.

Quality and Features:

It has authentic books, as in actual novels that sell in bookstores and other places, not some knock-offs or fan-fictions.

In fact, it is the only app I was able to find that did so.

They had started a gem system, wherein you had to collect enough of them to download a book; don’t worry, they took it out after a majority disapproved of it.

Anybooks, I recently found out, has the feature to highlight text from within the book and write short notes too.

They have books in different languages as well!

Reading features:

· Font size

· Background

· Bookmark

· Eye-care mode (my personal favorite) among others.


· Authenticity

· Variety

· Offline reading of downloaded books, only.


· No Advertisements

. You can highlight text, write notes.


· It is not a physical book (duh)

· Distorted font alignment depending on font size and your screen size (the only problem I faced, which I feel is unavoidable and manageable).

Basically, the original book’s alignment gets distorted because of shortage of space in comparison to that of the book and if the font size is bigger, the sentences are broken up to fit better.

(If you want me to do a complete A TO z guide to this app, because they do have a lot of hidden features...let me know!)


I came across this app when I was trying to fill the void Anybooks had created.

It left an impression on me even though I didn’t actively use it then; I am trying it for myself now and I quite like it.

The best part is that it focuses on classics, and is so different from Anybooks yet so similar.

Oh, it gets better, it also has audiobooks! Exactly! The choice to either read or listen is considerably exhilarating.

Rating- 4.5/5

How it Functions:

It is similar to Anybooks apart from an additional audio books setting.

Your library is sectioned to audio and e-books where the respective downloaded books sort into.

Quality and features:

Even the features are similar as the last one. Now that I think of it, I had lucked upon a perfect rebound.

One main feature that appealed the most, was that you could individually download different audiobook chapters or let it download on its own, completely (saves a lot of space).

They have over 5000 audiobooks and around 50,000 e-books. What more could you want?


· Focuses particularly on Classics


· Download chapters individually or as a whole; helps with space issues.

· Offline reading


· Only classics

3. Wattpad:

I know for a fact that a lot of you have already heard of it, as it is the most hyped of the three. I started with Wattpad like many others. It was the easiest option then.

You will not find any authentic novels. It would be more on the lines of writing aspirants testing their skills.

Hence it is a good platform to express.

You could try it out, you do get ranked on Wattpad; there are ad deals and that happen too and of course a set base of readers who stay rather loyal.

I had a summer fling with Wattpad before the randomness of book quality and other factors put me off a little; do keep in mind, there were good books too!

Rating- 3 to 3.5/5

How it Functions:

Same particulars as the previous two.

Quality and features:

Decent book collection, sufficient variety for starters.

You open the book to read and choose whether to add it to your library, wherein it gets downloaded and makes it readable offline.

According to me the best part in this is that you can write too. Read works of authors like you, learn from them.

I have a passion for writing and for newbies like me it is an effective and convenient platform.


· Offline reading

· Great genre variety for teenagers and young adults especially.

· You can write!


· Authentic, published books are not a part.

· There are ads.


I feel the necessity to stress upon the fact that nothing can ever compare to the feel of a book in hand; the smell of it, the texture while the pages are turned.

If I could, I would pick books over e-books over a heartbeat and I am sure that’s the case with almost everybody.

But due to many limitations, as of now, these options were perfectly viable and purposeful as it accomplished my objectives.

Having said that, I would love for you to try these apps, if you haven’t already. If they work for you and I hope it does, do let me know! It would mean a lot.



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