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3 Romantic love stories you should read or watch!

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Top few romance novel recommendations under our "Tree Top Favourites" category.

Romance is definitely not in the air, but when has that stopped anybody?

And if you are a fan of romance novels and short stories which make your toes curl, heart sing, and maybe bring tears to your eyes, these are just the book recommendations for you!

We personally prefer horror, mystery, and thriller themed books, but these were some really good diversions from our usual picks.

SO, there is some credibility to what we are going to guarantee now:

We guarantee you that these three books will make you blush, sigh, cry, and leave you wanting more.

The best part, even if you don't want to read all of them, there are movie adaptations to each of these love books.

Let's go!

‘Call Me By Your Name’ ~ André Aciman

Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman is a sensual, tragic romance novel which has also been adapted into a movie.
Call Me By Your Name cover

Disclaimer: Our personal affection for this book has in no way affected the review. We promise that.

If you are looking to have a rollercoaster ride high on emotions, ‘Call Me By Your Name’ is just the book for you.

This book by André Aciman establishes multiple tones of happiness, sensuality, and despair in an appealing and almost poetically fluid manner through the span of the book; however, it is not your typical whirlwind romance.

The book prefaces with Elio drifting down the memory lane reminiscing about Oliver and his home in Northern Italy, where he first met him.

A seventeen-year-old Elio met the twenty-four-year-old Oliver at his parent’s quaint house with french windows, who had come to intern under his father.

During much of the romance, we remain inside Elio’s head as he fantasizes about Oliver, clueless about Oliver’s exact feelings towards him.

And though their story begins with Oliver keeping him at his arm’s length and acting indifferent despite all of Elio’s attempts to get his attention, it eventually results in a hapless love affair.

“Call Me By Your Name”, set in the 1980s, is an intricate story about two men struggling with their feelings, sexual identity, and an undeniable attraction towards each other.

The author weaves this moving story commendably with thoughts that are rather difficult to communicate and express. This book, therefore, is a good read with many dialogues worth rereading.

‘Me Before You’ ~ Jojo Moyes

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes is another distinct romance novel with a controversial topic of assisted suicide being discussed.
Me Before You cover

“...Live boldly. Push yourself. Don’t Settle.”

This part of a quote in the book perfectly summarizes the message it left with us.

Being a novice in the romance novel genre, this book recommendation is mainly because of its real, life-like characters and the choices they make.

Jojo Moyes couldn’t have painted a better picture of the concept of opposites attract -- it is subtle, it is gradual and it is romantic.

William Traynor was an adventurer, a banker, and a charismatic go-getter before the fateful rainy day where he meets with an accident, on his way to work.

But this is not the side of him we get introduced to rather a pessimistic, hopeless, and a seemingly feelingless vegetable of a man is what meets the eye.

Louisa Clarke, on the other, is the epitome of bubbliness and happy-go-lucky personality; but her shortcomings are greatly tested too, given sudden joblessness and a pressure to earn for the family, a careless and self-obsessed boyfriend, and a competitive sister who gets it all right.

Their worlds collide by chance when she gets offered a caretaker’s job by William’s mother.

But it doesn’t start off smoothly.

In fact, their dynamics are such: he’s non-responsive, she’s adamant; he’s rude, she’s shy; he’s a brat, and she’s sensitive.

This drama goes on for a bit until a mutual bond of friendship is established; it eventually progresses and they reshape each other’s lives for the better.

Also, a special appreciation for all the little moments created by the author that they spent together, they were intimate and wholesome.

All in all, this book got the family/friends dynamics right, addressing a controversial topic - assisted suicide - right, and the gradual progress in terms of romance too was on point and nowhere over-the-top.

Precisely why you can’t help but root for the bond between this blossoming woman and the quadriplegic counterpart to survive beyond their individual choices.

But then life happens, which according to the author is the beauty of living it.

‘A Walk to Remember’ ~ Nicholas Sparks

A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks is short romantic love story. It tender, heartwarming, and refreshing. Read the book review to know more. It has also been adapted into a movie.
A Walk To Remember cover

Have you heard of the book - ‘The Notebook’?


Nicholas Sparks, then?


Well, this book is anything but like it. One, it’s really short, and two, it isn't very dramatic; in fact, it’s tender and refreshing, like the autumn breeze.

So much so that you would most likely find yourself repeating paragraphs and pages just to have a feel of it again. We are making some big claims here, but it is what it is.

We have Jamie - the minister’s daughter - the kind of soul that has a distinct shine -- not too sunny but slightly idealistic.

Before that, there’s a fifty-seven-year-old Landon at the start of the book reflecting on his past, a past with her.

Seventeen-year-old Landon, in the flashback, is mixed in with the “wrong crowd” in his high school in Beaufort, North Carolina. A typical teenager with predictable teenager-like behavior and watching-life pass-by-from-the-sidelines attitude.

It is a high school romance but more.

Their destinies intertwine when Landon’s desperation for a dance partner leads him to the last girl, her.

In return, as a favor, he joins the drama club.

A bud of friendship spurts between the two, but an uneasy friendship swayed by the teasing winds of Landon’s friends.

Nevertheless, love inevitably becomes a part of the equation between walks and chats while escorting Jamie to her house every evening, after the drama practice.

But, like always, things don’t fall into place this easily. Jamie is not able to fully commit, and Landon has his qualms about the future too, yet their moments together are cherishable and filled with hope.

Needless to specify, their lives change, Landon’s mostly as he fulfills Jamie’s wish and his dreams. If you can’t tell it already, it is a lovely book, and we recommend it!


So these were three romantic books and movies among many lovely ones out there, more of which you will see coming on to the recommendation's section soon.

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